all you need to know about Glastonauts Live

How it all began

On 21 March 2020 as the UK was starting to lock down in response to the pandemic, a bunch of Glastonbury Festival-goers on a WhatsApp group streamed a couple of live DJ sets over the internet to each other. A few days later we had a domain name, a basic website and a dedicated radio chat. We started streaming playlists too, some of them live collaborative ones. The music policy was simple: there was no policy. Anyone who wanted to contribute was welcome to. In the beginning we filled each others homes with music and banter seven days a week.

How it developed

As time went by and the lockdowns came and went, we settled down into a more weekend-focused schedule. We branched out into quizzes, comedy hour, community hour talk radio, serious listening and more. We kept pumping out playlists and DJ sets - over 300 in total (end of 2020). We're especially proud to have nurtured new DJ talent, and are hugely grateful to our "old" DJ friends for delivering flawless and innovative sets time after time. Check them out if you haven't already - nearly all our DJ sets are available on Mixcloud, while our playlist links can be found in the archive. We're also very proud to have at least four talented producers in our collective: LostLegend, Droppenkiken aka DJ Sebster, Sir Styles 😎 and Andy Davies.

Where we are going

For various reasons, we want to keep the community small and personal, so the radio chat and playlist submission remain invite-only. However, everyone is welcome to join the Mixcloud community, so give us a follow on there, and keep an eye on the schedule if you want to catch a set live before it hits the cloud.